Nov. 6th, 2016

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Hi all,

Here is a list of our 2016 OEAM Big Bang stories. I want to thank all those who participated in any way: writers, artists, betas... thanks to you all! Please give all these a read. I think you'll be delighted!

OEAM Big Bang stories:

The Wraith in the Mist by [ profile] zeedrippyvessel - Tolkien - Dwalin goes on a walkabout. He takes with him, a rather interesting companion. Rated PG for mild language.
Art by [ profile] elladansgirl


Dawn of Hope by [ profile] alexcat - Star wars - Luke skywalker's childhood.
Art by [ profile] wendygame001


Shall We Play a Game? by [ profile] nuinzilien - Tolkien - Thranduil has a pack of dwarves in his dungeons, one lost in his forest, and war on the horizon. The last thing he expected was to have his eye caught by a prisoner with more sass than sense.
Art by b[ profile] elladansgirl


Nemesis by [ profile] chaotic_binky - Tolkien -
Art by [ profile] wendygame001


Written Memories by [ profile] elladansgirl - Tolkien - Erestor finds and reads Glorfindel's journal which brings back memories. Can it do the same for Glorfindel?
Art by [ profile] lotrangel17


The Cave by [ profile] lackam - Marvel - A brand new Agent Coulson is sent undercover into a world full of dinosaurs.


Sanctuary by [ profile] keiliss = Tolkien - It is the year 2017 and word has come from beyond the Sea: it is time for the last remaining Elves to sail. But not everyone has received the message. Erestor and others set out on a road trip to find Glorfindel, the missing elf.
Art by Keiliss.


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