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Here is the place to sign up as a beta reader. Pleas indicate what fandoms you're willing to beta and what ratings, squicks and such. These signups will run until November 30, 2017.

Name: LJ/DW name
Will not beta these things:
any other info:

Please share this with folks who like to beta. We can use as many as we can get.

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If you'd like to be a beta reader for this Big bang, please sign up here. We usually need a few betas and I might need one as well.

Signups will be open until July 31, 2016.
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If any of you are willing to beta for anyone else, here is the place to say so!

Use this form:
LJ name:

If you need a beta, use this list and contact them via LJ PM or through me. That way, no one need put their email addy here.

Thanks a ton!
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This is the sign-up for beta readers for the OEAM Big Bang. If you're willing and have the time to beta a 20,000+ word story, please do so. Most of us have beta readers but some do not and will need one.

Just use this template:
Wills and won'ts:

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I forgot to post this on Monday - Beta reader signups began then so here is the post. Most of our fandoms so far are Tolkien. It looks as if we will need 9 Tolkien betas, 3-4 Star Trek betas, 1 Babylon 5 beta and possible a few others.

I urge you who are writing to beta too if you can and I urge all of you to ask around to your friends and send them here if they're willing.

This is the form:
Addy where you can be reached:
Wills and Won'ts:

I will try to pair you up with your writer as soon as possible!
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HI all~

Only ONE week left to sign up for the 2nd Annual OEAM Big Bang then the fun begins. Next Sunday, Sept 30, will be the last day to sign up to write. Beta signups and Writing time begins October 1. We have 16 signups so far and I intend to signup but we'd love lots more so I'd love you all to promote wherever you are! I have a big ol' banner you can use that links back to the main page - send me an email for the html.

We have one beta so far so if you can beta or you know someone who'd like to, please have them sign up. The signup post will go up tomorrow. I am betaing for one person and might take on one more.

Artists have a long time to sign up, through January. If you want to do art as well, please do. If you know some artists, send them along to sign up! Remember, the art can be original, digital or Photoshopped stuff so you have plenty of leeway.

A couple of things:
-- I'd like to have the stories or a link to them posted here when the posting time comes.
-- We have a Collection at Ao3 and I have a few more codes that I can give out closer to posting time if you don't have one. I'd love to have them all posted there too.
-- If you have a co-writer, they need to signup too.

That's all I can think of right now. If you've got questions, ask them here or PM me. PM me with your email if you want a banner with html. I know some of you have your emails on your signups so I can get them there.

Here is the banner:
OEAM Big Bang
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Beta Reader Sign-ups


Today is the day sign-ups open for beta readers for our OEAM Big Bang.

If you would like to help out a fellow author by beta reading for the Big Bang, please sign up here. We have several writers who are in need of a beta and I need to be able to match them up as soon as possible.

If you know others who might like to beta, please have them sign up also.

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HI all,

Only 12 more days to sign up for our OEAM Big Bang. We have 18 sign-ups so far for stories and 3 artists. We need more of both. Many more. Here is where you can sign up to write and here is where the art sign ups are.

There is also an unofficial beta thread at the community. Please let me know there if you’d like to beta for someone and what fandom, etc. The real beta sign-ups aren’t until October but I do know that some folks are writing already and might want to beta as they go.

Please pimp this challenge at your communities and groups and even on your personal journals, if you would. We need more writers from our diverse fandoms!

Thanks to those who have helped so far too. Anorienparker and Lotrangel17 have helped with banners and charts. I will probably need some help when we get to the sending out rough drafts and such part of this, especially if we have more writers!

On a personal note, I have finally decided on a fandom and story. Yay for me. I need to sign myself up!

NOW hurry to the community and sign up for something!

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HI all,

Even though our real beta sign-ups are not until October, I thought I'd go ahead and let those interested sign-up here. There are people who are already writing and in need of a beta already so here it is.

Use this template:
Name and how you can be contected:
Fandoms you will beta:
What you will and will not beta (ratings, genres, etc):

Thanks! This list will NOT be screened so if you use your email, use spaces to make it more secure.



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