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Are you in? Let us know! '
Also, you need to choose your fandom if you haven't and you need to post a summary on your signup here: http://oeam-bigbang.livejournal.com/44960.html

Your story needs to be done by July 31 or done enough that an artist can read what you've got in order to do some artwork for you,.

Posting begins October 1st.

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Check in here so I know you're still with us! Let me know by June 20 or we'll consider you defaulted.

How's it going? Need any help?

We could use some beta readers - sign ups are open until July 31. Go here: http://oeam-bigbang.livejournal.com/46109.html
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First mandatory checkin is past and these people do need to check in!

[livejournal.com profile] zeedrippyvessel
[livejournal.com profile] weepingnaiad

Just post here and let us know that you're in or not and how it's going: http://oeam-bigbang.livejournal.com/46003.html
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Okay folks!

Are you in? Any progress? Need anything from me?

I'm late, I'm late for a very important date!

Anyway, you all need to check in HERE by May 15-ish so I'll know if you're still in!

I do apologize for being late but I'm getting ready for [livejournal.com profile] luin77 to arrive from Germany tomorrow and I've been slammed with other RL too. Please forgive me!

Happy writing!
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Let us know your status and if you need anything: beta, artist, help, cheering...

Please do finalize your fandom in by January 5th too.

Good luck!

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Since this one is very late, you have until Christmas day to check in. How is it going? I have finally decided on a loose plot for mine so Watson is somewhat better satisfied but he'll be happier once I actually write something.
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Okies gang,

It's time for our first mandatory check-in.

You in? Out?

How is the writing going? I have done bupkus! If you've got questions, ask away. Comments? Comment away.

After the 10th, I'll email if I've not heard from you. I get no answer and you'll be dropped.

Happy writing!
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HI !

I’ll bet you thought I’d abandoned the whole thing!

Nope. Just realllllly behind so I’m gonna change some things and make things less rigid and more relaxed! We missed out January 1 check so this is it… as well as lots of info you’re going to need including some date changes.

1. Are you in or out? I still need a head count.
2. Artist Claims run January 15- February 28.
3. Writing time and edit time will run together until March 15.
4. Art and stories are due on April 1. A post for claiming posting days will come soon as well.

What does this mean?

It means you have 43 extra writing days. I will leave it to you to make sure you are betaed and ready to go by April 1.

I am truly sorry that I have not posted until now.

Anyhow, happy writing!
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Are you still in? How's it going?

Let us know by the 10th~!

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This is the first of three mandatory check-ins. Tell me if you're still in. You can comment on progress as well, if you wish. You have until November 15 to comment here and if you have not, I'll send a PM to you, asking you to respond. If I do not hear from you, then I'll remove you from the challenge this year.

That sounds awfully stern but it serves to let me know who is in or out and it reminds us all to write!

Happy writing!



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