Sep. 1st, 2017

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HI all!

I hope you all have done more than I have so far. I have thought about writing and thought about some specifics but haven't written a word.

Time for you all to check in - these check ins are MANDATORY. Check in by Sept 15th. All I need to know is are you in or out and anything else you want to share. If I don't hear by Sept. 15, I will send you a message at the email you provided. It will be a form type letter reminding you to check in. (The reason I write this is that one year, a person wrote me and said some nasty "mod" sent her a rude note... and she left in a huff.) Please check in in a reply to this post.

Beta signups are starting today too so if you want to beta, there is the place to sign up to do it. It's also a place to check if you are looking for a beta. If you know any folks who enjoy beta reading but aren't doing the challenge, send them our way.

You might want to update your signup with a summary and/or fandom soon so I know where to send beta readers.

On September 15, I will post a snippet thread. That's your chance to leave a snippet as a trailer for coming attractions.

Happy writing to you all.
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Here is the place to sign up as a beta reader. Pleas indicate what fandoms you're willing to beta and what ratings, squicks and such. These signups will run until November 30, 2017.

Name: LJ/DW name
Will not beta these things:
any other info:

Please share this with folks who like to beta. We can use as many as we can get.



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