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Today is the day you're supposed to be done. Are you? I'm not. Let's not sweat it yet though. Since we actually have a very small group doing this, I think this gives us some extra time. We have 2 months from tomorrow until posting day starts. Most of us should be well on our way with ideas and with some of the writing. I think you all should be sorted with a beta AND an artist at this time. If not, let me know and we'll figure it out.

Sooo here is how it's going to go:

Since we do have our betas and artists already, I am going to let you work up until posting time. I will be letting you choose your day to post by the end of August. I will, however, need you to keep in touch here so we know that we are all on the same page. I will post an update/checkin thread every week and if you've got issues or just want some encouragement, that's the place to put them.

This is this week's update.

So how is it going and are we all sorted out now?

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HI all,

We need some help for the 2016 OEAM Big Bang.

We have 11 writers still in. We have only one artist signed up so far and I think she will do two, if need be but that still leaves us 7-8 artists. If you are an artist of any kind, please consider signing up. Your work does not have to be elaborate; it just needs to please the writer. It can be hand drawn, digital work or graphics. All work. Go here to look over the summaries: http://oeam-bigbang.livejournal.com/44960.html?view=268960#t268960

These people have artists:
Weeping Naiad
Red Lasbelin

If you want to sign up, go here: http://oeam-bigbang.livejournal.com/47522.html Please tell us which writer you want to work with. (And maybe a second choice).

We also need around 5 beta readers. The link in the 2nd paragraph will take you to the authors and summaries.

These people have betas:
Weeping Naiad
Red Lasbelin

If you want to sign up to beta, go here: http://oeam-bigbang.livejournal.com/46109.html Please tell us which writer you want to work with and again, maybe a second choice.

Thank you all so much!

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I am wrangling the list here and I need to know how many betas I need and will any of you beta for other writers?
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Okay... we need check-ins from these people:
[livejournal.com profile] zeedrippyvessel
[livejournal.com profile] red_lasbelin
[livejournal.com profile] chaotic_binky

I know Binky said she was nearly done but I need to hear from the other two.

We need some more artists! If you know any0one, send them our way and if you can do art, please sign up for it.

This is the rest of the schedule:
July 1 – July 31, 2016 – Artist signups
July 31, 2016 – Writing time ends, sign up for posting day.
August 15, 2016 – Drafts due to mods for distribution to artists
August 16, 2016 – Editing
September 15, 2016 – Beta’d stories due
October 1, 2016 – All work should be done and posting will begin

I am thinking that as along as you can work out things with your beta and your artist, then you can use the time up until posting day to write, BUT we still need some progress reports as we go along. I think we have 11 people still in. I need to know who has a beta or who needs one, if you have an artist or are doing your own or of we need to find you one.

I will be sending this one out to all participants as well.

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Are you in? Let us know! '
Also, you need to choose your fandom if you haven't and you need to post a summary on your signup here: http://oeam-bigbang.livejournal.com/44960.html

Your story needs to be done by July 31 or done enough that an artist can read what you've got in order to do some artwork for you,.

Posting begins October 1st.

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This is the place you sign up to do Big Bang Art! Signup's go through the end of the month! If you know someone who would be good at this, get them to sign up. If you do your own art, sign up. If you have your own artist, they need to sign up as well.
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Check in here so I know you're still with us! Let me know by June 20 or we'll consider you defaulted.

How's it going? Need any help?

We could use some beta readers - sign ups are open until July 31. Go here: http://oeam-bigbang.livejournal.com/46109.html
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First mandatory checkin is past and these people do need to check in!

[livejournal.com profile] zeedrippyvessel
[livejournal.com profile] weepingnaiad

Just post here and let us know that you're in or not and how it's going: http://oeam-bigbang.livejournal.com/46003.html
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Here is the place to post a snippet of your story! This post will remain open so you can add one anytime.
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If you'd like to be a beta reader for this Big bang, please sign up here. We usually need a few betas and I might need one as well.

Signups will be open until July 31, 2016.
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Okay folks!

Are you in? Any progress? Need anything from me?

I'm late, I'm late for a very important date!

Anyway, you all need to check in HERE by May 15-ish so I'll know if you're still in!

I do apologize for being late but I'm getting ready for [livejournal.com profile] luin77 to arrive from Germany tomorrow and I've been slammed with other RL too. Please forgive me!

Happy writing!
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HI all,

Nothing else on our calendar is changing but since I have been tied up with an illness and death in the family, I thought I'd give everyone another 5 days to sign up. If you have already signed up, your writing time begins NOW!

Happy writing!
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Here we go, folks!


What is a Big Bang?
A Big Bang is a challenge in which you have 4 months to write a 20,000 word story. You have a second choice - a 10,000 word Mini Bang.
For those of you not writers, there will also be an art challenge to create art for the stories in the challenge.
Beta readers will also be called to help get those stories ready for posting!

What fandoms can we write?
This is the list:
Arthurian Legend
Babylon 5 (all)
DC Comic Universe
Dr. Who
Legend of the Seeker (TV series and The Sword of Truth books)
Marvel Universe
Pirates of the Caribbean
Real Person Fiction
Queer as Folk
Sherlock Holmes - all
Southern Vampire Mysteries/True Blood (NEW)
Star Trek (all)
Stargate (any)
Other: Fiction about fandoms that actors in the main fandom, Tolkien, are in. For example, Sean Bean was in Game of Thrones so that fic counts as well.
Real Person Fiction (of listed fandom actors, writers, etc.)

When is the Big Bang?
Here is the schedule:
OEAM Big Bang
March 1 – 31, 2016 – Signups are open.
April 1, 2016 – Writing Begins
May 1 – July31, 2016 – Beta reader signups
May 1, 2016 – 1st mandatory check in
May 15, 2016 – Snippet Post
June 1, 2016 – 2nd mandatory check in
July 1, 2016 – 3rd mandatory check in
July 1 – July 31, 2016 – Artist signups
July 31, 2016 – Writing time ends, sign up for posting day.
August 15, 2016 – Drafts due to mods for distribution to artists
August 16, 2016 – Editing
September 15, 2016 – Beta’d stories due
October 1, 2016 – All work should be done and posting will begin

Sign up here:

Name: (lj name)
Contact info: (If not your LJ name)
BigBang or MiniBang:
Beta: (yes or no)

I will contact you if need be through LJ messages so make sure that you receive them in your inbox. If you prefer I use another method of contact then leave it in your post.

You can change Mini or Big Until the final checkin.

You can change fandoms until Artist Signups begin (July 1, 2016).
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It's that time.

On March 1, signups begin for a brand new Big Bang!

On that day, I will make a signup post as well as a banner to share with others.

We do have something new. We will be adding the option for a Mini Bang, a 10,000 word story instead of the usual 20,000 words.

In the meantime, you can go here to see the dates and our fandoms.

It's Time!

Feb. 27th, 2016 01:36 am
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Signups will begin on Tuesday (March 1, 2016) and I shall post an info post tomorrow.
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OEAM is having a holiday bookswap this year and we need more participants! Signups end on October 17. Here is the information:

Here is the signup post: http://oeam.livejournal.com/325921.html

Join us! It only costs the price of one book and maybe postage and is a lot of fun! If you cannot signup at LJ, send me your info on this form and I will sign you up:
Name: LJ
Email address:
Up to five genres:
Send Book/ebook/either:
Receive book/ebook/either:
International: yes/no
Pinch hitter: yes/no
Any special details/requests/squicks:

EDIT: You can link to your Goodreads listings so your gifter will have some idea what book you might want. If you can't edit, let me know and I'll fix it for you!!

My email is alex _ cat _ 45 at yahoo dot com
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Dear friends and members.

You may have noticed that the website has not been updated in quite awhile. This happened with no notice to me and no reason has ever been given as to why, so I have made a decision of sorts. I am going to list three choices for the future of OEAM and I really need all of your feedback on these options. Our OEAM grouping consists of these sites and such:

Of Elves and Men
Lord of the Rings Adult Fiction
Of elves and Men Slash
Adult Marton Csokas
Silmarillion Fiction
OEAM Livejournal
OEAM Big Bang

Posting has fallen off. We have added many new fandoms and done several things over the years to try to keep the site alive after LOTR dried up. I am tired of trying to revive a dead horse. This is the last attempt.

These are my proposals.

1. Stop updating and delete the site when the fees for it come due next year. We would still have Yahoo and LJ groups but OEAM would be dead.
2. Find a new webmistress and continue the site as it is.
3. Switch the website to a self-upload site similar to Ao3.

I need your opinions and ideas. Please comment here or write to me at alex_cat_45 at yahoo dot com




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