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HI all.

It’s that time again! Second Mandatory check-in. I hope the writing is going well… mine is kinda not going yet but I am a deadline writer anyway. Everyone is still in as of the 1st check-in – that’s great. You’ve got through the 15th to check in!

We have several snippets on the snippet post. You can add yours anytime there:| I have not yet read them all but I will ASAP.

We still can use Betas. Go here to sign up:|

If y’all have any questions at all, let me know and

Happy writing!

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Got check-ins from all but 4 of you:


Let us know at one of these posts: or You'll be dropped if you do not check in by Sept 20.

The snippet post went up yesterday as well. Feel free to give a sample of what you're up to.

Again, If you know anyone who will beta, send them to the beta sign-up post of to me. ( or

How's it going? Let me know if you have questions!
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Here it is! The snippet post!

You may post up to 500 words of your story here! Tell us your fandom so we know what we're reading and have fun! This post is open for the duration so you may post now or wait until a later date if you wish.
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HI all,

I've heard from a few of you in the 1st mandatory check-in. Please do reply. After Sept 15, if I've not heard from you, I'll send a message then if nothing, I'll drop you from the challenge. There is no penalty next year or anything if you do get dropped.

I made the signup posts visible so beta readers can see them and so you can also see them and change them if need be. You probably want to go back and decide on which you're doing, Big or Mini. Also you can add your summary if you need to.

If you want to beta, the signups are open. if you know a beta who you thnk might like to do one of our stories, tell them to join in!

The 15th is the snippet post. It will remain open so you can post your snippet anytime.

Happy writing and if you have questions, let me know by PM.
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Here is the place to sign up as a beta reader. Pleas indicate what fandoms you're willing to beta and what ratings, squicks and such. These signups will run until November 30, 2017.

Name: LJ/DW name
Will not beta these things:
any other info:

Please share this with folks who like to beta. We can use as many as we can get.

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HI all!

I hope you all have done more than I have so far. I have thought about writing and thought about some specifics but haven't written a word.

Time for you all to check in - these check ins are MANDATORY. Check in by Sept 15th. All I need to know is are you in or out and anything else you want to share. If I don't hear by Sept. 15, I will send you a message at the email you provided. It will be a form type letter reminding you to check in. (The reason I write this is that one year, a person wrote me and said some nasty "mod" sent her a rude note... and she left in a huff.) Please check in in a reply to this post.

Beta signups are starting today too so if you want to beta, there is the place to sign up to do it. It's also a place to check if you are looking for a beta. If you know any folks who enjoy beta reading but aren't doing the challenge, send them our way.

You might want to update your signup with a summary and/or fandom soon so I know where to send beta readers.

On September 15, I will post a snippet thread. That's your chance to leave a snippet as a trailer for coming attractions.

Happy writing to you all.
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It's time to start writing. Also, once you begin writing, you might go back and update your entry to reflect your story summery and your story size... Big Bang or Mini. Please feel free to comment or ask questions here.

If we stay in touch, it will be a more community type effort.

Also, we have comms at both LJ and DW so if you have an account at both, maybe you could post at both or give me permission to share your posts at the other journal.

Good luck and I hope we have a wonderful bunch of stories this year!
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If anyone else wants to do the OEAM Big Bang, I will allow signups through the end of the week. and
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You can sign up between now and July 31.

Simply use this template:

Name: (LJ or DW)
Email I can reach you at:
Big Bang or Mini Bang (This one can wait awhile):
Summary (This one too):

Signups are screened for now.

Any questions? Pm me here or send me an email at alex _ cat _ 45- at yahoo dot com. (leave out the spaces, etc.)
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What is a Big Bang?
A Big Bang is a challenge in which you have 4 months to write a 20,000 word story. You have a second choice - a 10,000 word Mini Bang.

For those of you not writers, there will also be an art challenge to create art for the stories in the challenge.

Beta readers will also be called to help get those stories ready for posting!

What fandoms can we write?
This is the list:
Arthurian Legend
Babylon 5 (all)
DC Comic Universe
Dr. Who
Legend of the Seeker (TV series and The Sword of Truth books)
Marvel Universe
Pirates of the Caribbean
Real Person Fiction
Queer as Folk
Sherlock Holmes - all
Southern Vampire Mysteries/True Blood (NEW)
Star Trek (all)
Stargate (any)
Other: Fiction about fandoms that actors in the main fandom, Tolkien, are in. For example, Sean Bean was in Game of Thrones so that fic counts as well.
Real Person Fiction (of listed fandom actors, writers, etc.)

The usual rules apply.

When is the Big Bang?
Here is the schedule:

6th Annual OEAM Big Bang
July 1 - 31, 2017 – Signups are open.
August 1, 2017 – Writing Begins
September 1 – November 30, 2017 – Beta reader signups
September 1, 2017 – 1st mandatory check in
September 15, 2017 – Snippet Post
October 1, 2017 – 2nd mandatory check in
November 1, 2017 – 3rd mandatory check in
November 1 – 30, 2017 – Artist signups
November 30, 2017 – Writing time ends, sign up for posting day.
December 15, 2017 – Drafts due to mods for distribution to artists
December 15- 31, 2017 – Editing
January 15, 2018 – Beta’d stories due
February 1, 2018 – All work should be done and posting will begin
Questions? Send me a message.
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Hi all,

It’s a little late this year. We were in Germany for most of May so I am starting a little late but it’s time for the OEAM Big Bang again. I have already made up the schedule and it ends around Christmas but we do have a generous amount of writing time and we still have the option of a 10,000 word Mini Bang or a 20,000 word regular Big bang.

We will begin sign ups on July 1. The usual fandoms will be included. All OEAM fandoms are eligible and if you have one that is not listed but might be related in some way, ask me. We can be flexible since our group is usually pretty small.

I’ll be making some banners and such and would LOVE for this to get promoted a lot more than last year. I’ll have those and the schedule up this week. Be on the lookout for it!

Please join us! You’ve got all of June and then some to decide what you’re going to write.

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Hi all,

Here is a list of our 2016 OEAM Big Bang stories. I want to thank all those who participated in any way: writers, artists, betas... thanks to you all! Please give all these a read. I think you'll be delighted!

OEAM Big Bang stories:

The Wraith in the Mist by [ profile] zeedrippyvessel - Tolkien - Dwalin goes on a walkabout. He takes with him, a rather interesting companion. Rated PG for mild language.
Art by [ profile] elladansgirl


Dawn of Hope by [ profile] alexcat - Star wars - Luke skywalker's childhood.
Art by [ profile] wendygame001


Shall We Play a Game? by [ profile] nuinzilien - Tolkien - Thranduil has a pack of dwarves in his dungeons, one lost in his forest, and war on the horizon. The last thing he expected was to have his eye caught by a prisoner with more sass than sense.
Art by b[ profile] elladansgirl


Nemesis by [ profile] chaotic_binky - Tolkien -
Art by [ profile] wendygame001


Written Memories by [ profile] elladansgirl - Tolkien - Erestor finds and reads Glorfindel's journal which brings back memories. Can it do the same for Glorfindel?
Art by [ profile] lotrangel17


The Cave by [ profile] lackam - Marvel - A brand new Agent Coulson is sent undercover into a world full of dinosaurs.


Sanctuary by [ profile] keiliss = Tolkien - It is the year 2017 and word has come from beyond the Sea: it is time for the last remaining Elves to sail. But not everyone has received the message. Erestor and others set out on a road trip to find Glorfindel, the missing elf.
Art by Keiliss.
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Title: Sanctuary
Author: Keiliss
Characters: Erestor/Gil-galad, Elrond, Glorfindel, others.
Rating: pg?
Story and art beta: [ profile] red_lasbelin
Artwork: me, Kei
Disclaimer: not mine, I just play with them

Summary: It is the year 2017 and word has come from beyond the Sea: it is time for the last remaining Elves to sail. But not everyone has received the message. Erestor and others set out on a road trip to find Glorfindel, the missing elf.

A/n: Huge thanks to Binky, Red and Tal, and to Alex for giving us the OEAM Big Bang, and for adding a shorter option this year.
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Title: The Cave
Author: Amber/lackam
Type: General
Beta: BranL
Type/Rating: PG
Characters: Phil Coulson, Nick Fury, Felix Blake, and lots of raptors
Disclaimer: All characters are from Marvel and I don’t own them.
Warnings: Please ignore the medical inaccuracies.
Archive: AO3 and OEAM
Notes: Written for 2016 OEAM Big Bang
Summary: A brand new Agent Coulson is sent undercover into a world full of

LJ refuses to let [ profile] lackam post so I am posting for her.
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Title: Written Memories
Disclaimer: Tolkien owns them, I merely play with them.
Author: Jade (aka elladansgirl)
Type: FCS
Warning: Slash, Angst,
Rating: NC-17
Beta:[ profile] nuinzilien
Artwork:[ profile] lotrangel17
Characters: Erestor/Glorfindel.
Feedback: Yes, please
Summary: Erestor finds and reads Glorfindel's journal which brings back memories. Can it do the same for Glorfindel?

A/N: all memories and journal entries will be in ~Italics~
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 photo nemesis CB_zpseyfn05an.jpg

Title: Nemesis
Author: [ profile] chaotic_binky
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer: I do not own the elves or their surroundings. I make no profit and have no intention of making any. Although the characters and settings belong to Tolkien this is my own representation of them, therefore any archiving without permission will not be tolerated.
Warnings: Violence, action, separation, punishment, torture, character death, angst, suffering, revenge, Third Age and 1950's Russia. Happy Ending!
Beta: Thank you to the ever wonderful [ profile] keiliss :)
Artist: [ profile] wendygame001 - Thank you for your fabulous artwork :)
Characters: Erestor/Glorfindel, Sauron, Elrond, Nienna, Joseph Stalin, Orcs, Easterlings, Various OFCs, Manwe, Namo.
Archive: OEAM, AO3, Faerie.
Author’s Note: Thank you to [ profile] ignoblebard for reading the drafts.
The Russian part of this story was researched using web sources and several books, detailing personal memories and historical perspectives - any errors are mine alone.
Summary: Erestor was raised by Sauron to be a good soldier and a good son but after a devastating betrayal, Erestor is determined to get his revenge... no matter how long it takes.
Thousands of years later Erestor has found his quarry and confronts him in an explosive battle to the death.


“And as the captains gazed south to the Land of Mordor, it seemed to them that, black against the pall of cloud, there rose a huge shape of shadow, impenetrable, lightning-crowned, filling all the sky. Enormous it reared above the world, and stretched out towards them a vast threatening hand, terrible but impotent: for even as it leaned over them, a great wind took it, and it was all blown away, and passed; and then a hush fell.”

Those who watched knew in their hearts that Sauron was gone forever, never again to exist in the lands of Middle-earth, his power vanquished, and his spirit scattered by Lord Manwë's winds to the four corners of the earth. Their hearts gladdened to the certainty that he could never reform. They had won the war and peace would be everlasting. But they were wrong.

Of their number, only one elf was not so easily fooled, for he knew the enemy better than anyone.

Hope was all he had left, but even that was in short supply...
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Title: Shall We Play A Game?
Author: Nuinzilien
Type: Thranduil/Kili Romance
Rating: soft R
Disclaimer: I do not own them, nor do I profit from their use.
Warnings: Slash, Referenced/Implied Father-Son Incest, Non-Graphic Violence
Beta: Alexcat
Artist: Elladan's Girl
Characters: Thranduil, Kili, Legolas, Tauriel, Thorin & Company
Archive: OEAM, Ao3
Author’s Note: This is a prequel to my story On the Courting Habits of Dwarves and Elves
Spoilers: None that I know of (unless you haven't watched the Hobbit movies)
Summary: Thranduil has a pack of dwarves in his dungeons, one lost in his forest, and war on the horizon. The last thing he expected was to have his eye caught by a prisoner with more sass than sense.
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Title: Dawn of Hope
Author: alexcat
Type: General
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I do not own them, nor do I profit from their use.
Beta: Larry
Artist: Wendy Game
Characters: Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Owen Lars, Beru Lars, Biggs Darklighter
Archive: OEAM, Ao3
Author’s Note: *See below
Spoilers: Not really
Summary: The story of Luke Skywlaker's childhood.



Thanks to Larry for the beta read. Thanks to Wendy Game for the wonderful cover.

Just a few little explanations and such:

Some things are from Canon and some are from what Disney now calls Legend.

A T-16 Skyhopper looks like the toy flyer that Luke is playing with at the first of A New Hope, but for our purposes, it is smaller, sleeker, more like a land rocket.

Luke’s pals were all in A New Hope originally but were cut before release. You can see them if you go to Youtube and search for Star Wars: A New Hope deleted scenes. You can also see more of Tatooine.

Most of the Luke stories are made up though the bit about water thieves is based on a Golden Book tale of Luke as a child.

There is no Zahn Range on Tatooine, but my own nod to Timothy Zahn, the Star Wars novelist who gave us the Thrawn trilogy. Grand Admiral Thrawn was such a wonderful character that Disney kept him when they threw out the rich canvas of Star Wars canon already created.

Thanks to George Lucas, for saving my life with your Jedi more times than I can count.
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My OEAM Big Bang 2016 can be found in its entirity HERE!

If all in one sitting will hurt your butt, it will go up chapter style on Sundays at:

Of Elves and Men
Archive of Our Own
Open Scrolls
Of Elves and Men Yahoo
Haldir Lovers Yahoo
Little Balrog Yahoo
Halla Quenta Yahoo
ZeesMuse Word Press Blog

Dwalin goes on a walkabout. He takes with him, a rather interesting companion. Rated PG for mild language.
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At my last count, we had 10 writers still in. We will begin posting on Sunday October 16 and go through Oct. 22. Two per day. You post them to ao3, then add them to the collection OEAM_Big_Bang there then post a link here on this community so we can find it!
Sign up here:

Oct. 16 -
[ profile] zeedrippyvessel

Oct. 17 -
[ profile] alexcat
Oct. 18 -

Oct. 19 -
[ profile] nuinzilien

Oct. 20 -
[ profile] chaotic_binky

Oct. 21 -
[ profile] elladansgirl

Oct. 22 -
[ profile] lackam
[ profile] larienelengasse

Oct. 23 -
[ profile] keiliss

***Edited to add 2 more days for posting.


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